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What is a syndicate?

Syndicate Share Ownership is more than just owning shares in a competing stallion. It's about bragging rights, unique experiences and exclusive breedings to a world class stallion!

In a horse ownership syndication, people are able to buy fractional ownership shares of a horse - in The Darkk Side Syndicate there are a total of 100 shares. Syndicate share holders are able to be a part of The Darkk Side's career, without having to be physically involved in the day to day care of the horse. Additionally, each syndicate share comes with two breedings a year to The Darkk Side beginning in 2024.

Will The Darkk Side stay in training?

Yes - and the best part is, your training AND show bills through December 31, 2024 are INCLUDED with the initial syndicate share purchase. The Darkk Side will stay in training with Miles Baker and Trevor Brazile.

Where will The Darkk Side stand?

The Darkk Side will stand at Lazy E Ranch in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Monty McNair will act as the stallion manager on behalf of Lazy E Ranch.

When can we start using our breedings?

Since he will be showing, The Darkk Side will be available for 2024 for frozen semen/ICSI only.

Who gets the money for the horses winnings?

The winnings will be dispersed as follows:

Total Money Won - Show Expenses (entry fees, hauling, etc.) = Net Money Won

Net Money won will be split 50/50 between the exhibitor and the syndicate. All winnings will be deposited into the syndicate account to help with any other expenses.

Who will manage the syndicate?

The syndicate managers will be F.E. "Butch" Wise and Matt Whitman. Butch and Matt have extensive experience managing syndicates in the race horse industry.

The syndicate will have a yearly meeting to discuss and vote on all matters relating to the syndicate. Each share holder will be entitled to one vote during syndicate meetings. The Syndicate manager and Attorney will direct the meeting. All financials and pertinent information relating to the syndicate will be available for share holders to review at this time.

Can I sell my share?

Syndicate share holders may sell their share at anytime, as long as they follow the guidelines set forth in the contract.

Can I sell my breeding(s)?

Breedings can be used by you or sold. They must be sold for a minimum set price, which is set at the yearly syndicate share meeting.

Who pays the bills for the syndicate?

The goal is for the syndicate to be self supporting (i.e. we don't ever want you to get a bill.) There are 10 breedings allowed per year to be sold to support the syndicate expenses. The syndicate will pay for stallion slot yearly nominations, frozen semen collection and other customary stallion ownership expenses.


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